2019 Already?!?

Holy crap! Our Brand is 50th years old!

How is this possible?

I starting writing this back in 2013 with no clear direction (pun intended, I was heading back to LA from Baltimore. My direction was, for once very clear).

I was also trying out this Ghost publishing platform. Now it's already on version 2. It's hard to be a full time staff scientist and keep up with all this other stuff. I need to update JoJoBrand3.com, but I'm also expected to keep up on stem cell research, single cell sequencing, and new technology that are coming out!

Well, let's just write about Dad and Ta Ree for now and worry about upgrading my Ghost and Brand hosting site later!

I'm rereading...

Most of the post was that initial trip across America. I've since done similar drives. Twice in the Prius and once with a friend in her Jeep, but from Boulder back to LA in a rental.

Here are my Dad post:
He taught me Geometry
We had In&Out Burger
He liked watching alot of sports!
We got him a hospice bed, and then he passed away.
I remember his brand in June 2015
His birthday in 2016
I connect Dad to our shared network

Now May 1st, 2019 is past, and these words I wrote in May are published today in our past;
// Time to remember Dad's passing but also our Dad spirits. We had an official get together at his house. His brother was there with wife and some of my cousins. Two of Dad's old friends (both women because most of his male friends have already passed away) were there. My other uncle, Ta Ree's husband, was there. Ta Ree's sisters and their husbands were there. Well, except for Mom. She was on a cruise to Alaska (where she got sick because she mixed medication!)

We had lots of food. Dad's wife got most of it, but others brought what they thought Dad would enjoy. For the most part, we just showed up and ate a lot of food.

Today, I brought flowers to the cemetary. It's the custom, the thing to do. He would have liked the flowers. He would have like anything I brought, but I think usually he was just glad when I showed up. If we could just showup, I think our parents are happy.

And now it's July 6. We had Mass at the old house on the 4th. My siblings were all there, but not their children. The kids all have jobs in far away places.

I thought about Ta Ree in 2017

How many spirits am I channeling? How many mixed up alleles from distant Mom and Dad's am I integrating? It breaks down into group behaviors/rituals that give us the ability to adapt very fast. Mutations in genes can catch up later!

For us cooperative sapiens, to survive means to stay together in a cohesive Community bound by a Brand. Community intelligence is governed by the Goldie Lock Principle. Just enough cognitive diversity, but not too much where cooperativity is broken, and no group behavior can be achieved.

Here I am again in another year engaging in ritualistic behavior. For us it's an essential solace. And for me it's a bit more; I engage inherited behavior too, but I try to control those routines I don't like, and only implement those that I like. Those that I think fit well in our ever changing social context. Those that I think are not a Mal-adaptation.

My Dad did like to watch sports. It was one of his essential rituals, but I get to choose. Do I really want to sit and watch football? He was a man without Brand, without identity. What was a Vietnamese outside of Vietnam in 1976? What happens to a Principal/Math Teacher who can no longer speak the language, but still has to pay the rent and electricity bills? Sports give easy Brands to identify with. A feeling of Community again.

But for me and you, what holds us together? JoJoBrand3 and me and we?

My Dad taught us geometry. I see dots and lines everywhere. The dot, a node. The line, an edge.

Is an edge a segment? What is ray connected to a node? Can such a ray-edge form? Would it seek out another node, or would it spontaneous nucleate at some distance to form another node.

It is all networks. We exists as networks on different levels of the Stack.

Electrons are a probability cloud, but they nucleate with protons and neutrons bound together by the Strong Force Brand to form a node, the atom. Networks can exist as both dots and lines and as interferance patterns. Is this correct? Is my physics off?

Atoms form more small networks of molecules. Perhaps these molecules formed interactive, "social" networks on a 2D surface. After several million years of socializing, complex multimers nodes were taken over by the RNA networks, and then these cooperating networks again nucleate to form the first cell, a 3D-community network.

Let's skip ahead brother. Cell networks specialize and form organs inside an organismal network. Organismal network form the next layer of the Stack. Now we've starting to nucleate a new Community. New Communities will socialize for how many years until the next layer of the Stack forms?

All new nucleation will inherit from all lower Stacks.

We will take Atoms with us. We will take virus, and microorganisms with us. Two by two we will take everything with us to the next layer on the Earth Stack. Naturally, each level form in an inside-out layering, much like how our brain is formed.

What the Hell am I talking about?!? I think I'm just talking to myself. I hope to hear back from myself soon on any of the JoJoBrand3 channels!