Clans and Brand

There are several clans, but what am I talking about when I say this?!

In my head, clans are akin to Brands. Both were initially, an idea which became codified through group acceptance of certain routines or behaviors. We perform them daily until we do them without thought. After many generations, the routine become rituals. Don't we buy certain products without thinking?

Rituals are like methods or protocols in a Science belief system (and like methods of objects in OOP).

A Brand or Clan needs Trust to persist. That trust is built when a group of social animal establishes and engages in repetitive use of a method until it has become a ritual. The chuck of behaviors become trusted, and others who belong and participate in maintaining the ritual can also be trusted.

Humanity is as complex as fine wine. There are no good adjectives to describe the flavors and aromas of fine wines. We end up using descriptors such as "hints of raisins" or "hints of plum".

To describe a fine species like us, I also have to resort to invented descriptors like:

dog clan
cat clan
eagle.hawk clan
elephant clan

When we taste the actual wine, most of us can't really tell the difference between raisin and plum. Even more difficult to tell is whether a dress is blue/black or white/gold. We routinely ascribe completely different descriptors to a single object!

Similarly, I will think that an observed ritual belongs to dog clan, but from your context, you will vehemently disagree, and would put it into cat clan. What can I say?! We can agree to disagree?

Better yet, how about we agree that we shouldn’t kill another person because they disagree about whether a wine tastes like raisins and not plums. We shouldn’t murder an entire ethnic group just because they can’t see a white/gold dress.

I talk about animal clans because they represent for me a new layer of abstraction that inherits rituals from older Brands but leaves behind the violent methods that while useful, have become maladaptive in the Future.

Dog Clan represents a brand much like USA represents a brand, or religion, or any of the newer brands:
.com (Google doesn’t kill Apple) .gov (Germany doesn’t destroy Japan) .mil (Army doesn’t shoot Marine) .me (We don’t kill us)

We wouldn't kill .me just because .we don't believe in Dog Clan... would we?

Anywho, this is what is going on in my head... Gotta go now and take Dad to Kaiser.