Dad Brand

The past is always mythic, isn't it?

All extant Brands come from this swirling, half-dreamt Place. Yet, our immediate Brands are organic. We come from Dad and Mom, Mom and Pop stores, and small businesses that drive the Economic. We never really acknowledge the risk, high turn-over rate and cost that Mom and Dads really bear.

Is it fate, or a random interstitial juxtaposition in Brand Space that has put my father's passing next to a day honoring all Dad Brands?

Today, we retell tales of a Hero. We relive the Odyssey where Dad was Captain and we were on an epic adventure.

And when on the deck our Captain lies, we mourn. Inherited blocks of behaviors kick-in. One ritual is to remember Dad's passing. Magic numbers popup to punctuate when to remember: at 49 days, 100 days, 1 year, 2 year and then 3. These numbers must come from some organic substrate. Mustn't it?

It's a way for cooperative and highly empathic creatures to grieve and cope. A ritual of family brand is to wait, just like each single one of us, for the pain to slowly extinguish itself.

Doesn't it take at least 3 years to recover after breaking up with someone you truly love? The magic numbers again.

Today, we shoot images and videos across our networks. Different e-cortical Brands cooperate to process the complex sensory signals, and translate them into a well rehearse group motor response.

We want to remember Heroes and yet want to attenuate the pain of their lost, all at the same time.

JoJoBrand inherits Family Brand and Viet-Asian Brand! However, not all methods, rituals, and behavioral chucks are currently implemented.

Here's my Dad. I processed his image to remove the glare:
dad's memorial

Here we are a long time ago, in a land far, far away that doesn't exist anymore.
me and dad

We celebrated and remembered him through the foods he loved and the rituals that he practiced and believed in:
memorial food

closeup food

As you can see, he was already starting to become a mix Brand with Banh Boc Loc and In-N-Out burgers!

We miss you Dad.