Dad, calories & Food Space

I'm having lunch with my Dad today. We'll bring some high-caloric content food. These are the types of food we crave because in a not so distant past, we struggled to even get enough calories to survive.

We've been hard-wired for tens of thousands of years to seek IN-N-OUT Burgers because finding these high-calorie food sources could be the difference between survival and extinction.

In a Zombie Apocalypse, a Costco pizza would be enough calories to survive for several days if rationed out properly.

Dad is returning to that past. His strongest memories are of past worlds. Ironically, in the present, he's not eating enough calories. The world isn't limiting his calories. Today, the world is saturated with food, mostly high-caloric content food.

The Old Food Space, Nature, the right-hand of God, whatever you choose to call it, has been stilled at least for now. The harsh Right Hand world, where food is scarce, has momentarily stopped pushing us so hard. The Food Space that we've traditionally and relentlessly move through to find enough food to keep moving, scavenging, fucking, and surviving has changed radically from scarce to saturated, and saturated mostly with highly processed, high-caloric content food.

Old ritual, group behavior, and routines selected for a Food Space that no longer exists. I hope that we can change the routine and rituals. The behavioral layer sits atop the genetic layer and can adapt much faster. However, if the higher, behavioral layer can't cope, then we're forced to adapt at the lower level. This involves a lot of sick and dying people; people without the genes to stay strong while consuming high calorie, processed food. Still in the end, if we survive, we'll become a much more efficient organism, adapted for our new Food Space.