Extended Time

How do we and We make transitions?

How do we change from being a child to being a parent, and then eventually reverting to child again?

For most of our brief history, we've had to quickly become child.parents, teenagers thrust into parenthood. And then all too quickly, Death comes during labor or famine or disease or just plain exhaustion from our brutish life.

What happens now at this Modern transition?

I wonder what technology and modern medicine give us?

Isn't a miracle of Modern Ways (MW), extended time?

Doesn't MW extend our childhood, both at the beginning and at the end? Doesn't it let us be children a little longer before We become parents. Doesn't it give us a chance to say proper, long goodbyes to our Parent.child?

With our MW Society build around things like contraceptives, health education, and TED talks, we don't have to become parents until we wish.

With our MW Society build around things like radiation therapy, therapeutic antibodies and respirator, we're given time for long goodbyes.

Is this the right progression?!

no choice.child (the Way)
choice.child.extended version (MW)
no choice.child.parent (old way)

choice.parent (MW)
no choice.parent.child (old way)
choice.parent.child.extended version (MW)

Somewhere in the middle there, we have to go both ways! We take responsibility for our emerging parent.child.extended version while still worrying about our child.extended version.

We tenderly watch, wait, catch their falls and wonder how much responsibility to give or take away.

Let the Child run!
Wait for Child.extended version to get a real job!
Take the car keys away from parent.Child.extended version.
At both ends, we change their diapers.