Final Four & what's it all for.

We got a new bed for Dad. He can now lay and watch those Hardwood Classics! With the Final Four this weekend, we'll be watching old rivalries. We'll watch the competition.

This started me thinking. It seems that every family now-a-days has a soccer Mom!

Sports & Competition

It's supposed to teach us and our children something of value, isn't it?

We are all soccer kids with many years of AYSO, and perhaps a bit of club soccer. How many hours of pickup basketball through our extensive schooling? What about all the college flag/football, soccer, tennis, and basketball. Let's not forget graduate school-- indoor and outdoor soccer again and of course learning to skate and playing ice-hockey! Isn't ice hockey one of the fastest and most demanding sport every invented?!

What did we learn from all the Sports and Competition?

What kinda lesson can we take away from these experiences?

We play to win. Or at least within the rules!

Sports fan know the history of basketball. There was a natural progression of strategy and tactics early in its history that resulted in a slow and boring game. Analyzing the game (and maybe reading the Art of War!) coaches emphasize defense. Our teams should become like a Mountain, become invincible first.

There was hardly any scoring. Fans got bored, and without the support of fans, how long could the sport last?

So we decided to make up new rules, like the shot clock. Teams have to shoot the ball in a certain amount of time. That should speed up the game! Let's also eliminate the zone defense. It's too effective at what it does, which is to stifle scoring!

We've learned that to win consistently, we first become unbeatable. But then what happens? The game becomes depressingly slow and brutal. Therefore, to keep our audience, we make up new rules to bring back fun. We made up new rules to make the game enjoyable again, not just for the players, but for the spectators too.

We've learned to win, but when players adapt and exploit the rules to their most brutal forms, we makeup new "humane" rules because we don't want to just play the same old survival game all over again.