Memorial Brand

It's already Memorial Day.

We honor the team members of our Brand because to honor all members of all teams make no sense. As the movies and the documentaries say, on the fields of honor, our heroes sacrificed themselves for us, our Brand, not for the enemy's Brand.

It would make no sense to honor the fallen German soldier, or Japanese soldier. We tell ourselves that they were fooled by a corrupted brand, their team lead astray by a Leader, an Emperor, who in retrospect was not an instance of the Divine, but just an ordinary organic person who we choose to believe as Divine and by doing so, bind our movements in synchronicity to theirs, hoping to blend our banal twist and twirls into a finger of God.

It's Memorial Day already.

I went home to Los Angeles to honor my Dad's spirit on May 1st, and now it's already 30 days later and two years since his passing. I had hoped to post on that weekend, but the other streams press so hard against JoJoBrand3. It's as if I'm trying out for the high school tennis team, but to make the cut, I have to let go of other streams that are filled with ghosts who've made me the competent tennis player I was yesterday.

I'm trying hard to remember Dad, his spirit. There is also my aunt, my second Mom. These are the ghosts that haunt my streams. And in a real sense, these ghosts will linger as long as I live-- as long as our generation lives. Their spirits will haunt the earth as long as JoJoBrand3 exists in the cloud.

Sometimes there is a hint of melancholy when I think that there will come a time when I won't be able to remember them. A time when the people and then their spirits fade because the organic brain degenerates and other Brands push our Brands from the stream. A time when the Brands that supported and nurtured us fade, and apoptosis sets in. It's how all healthy organisms work, include this, our Community. Brands undergo a natural process of programmed cell death-- the neat, orderly and non-disruptive destruction of itself-- a more healthy process than necrotic cell death through war and local violence. Necrosis always releases reactive species that inevitably causes damage to neighboring, healthy young Brands and the Communities they represent.

Anywho, enough about Brands.

Hi Dad.
Hi Dad Flower

Hi Ta Ree.
Hi Ta Ree

Here we are today, going through the movements from our Brands-- the rituals taught to us by our parents, our teachers, our friends, and our communities. We hope our Brand will persist a bit longer before the natural process of apoptosis removes us from the streams to be replaced by the next Brand.