Our shared network

It's May 1st.

Time to remember.

Our hyper-stimulated world tries to push fragments of me out from the current register. Hopefully my network will interlacing with other networks to persist for much longer than me, my tribe or our Brands.

Here's my inhibitory spikes, fired to attenuate and stabilize our network from over-excitation from all the Entrepreneurs, all the cheerleaders, all those Brand pushers, all the motivational speakers, and every Leader Egos. Today my network won't respond. You have your purpose, but enough with the excitation for now.

Has it already been three years since Dad passed away today?

And in July, another four years since my aunt, who held us together, left?

And if I reach far enough back into graduate school memories, we find our Grandmother leaving us almost a quarter of a century ago.

I try to remember these faces that aren't in any Facebook.

There's my paternal grandfather, who died before I was born. There's no photographs of my paternal grandmother. It's the same with my maternal grandfather. No pictures. He died in the jungle somewhere, fighting for the France tribe.

There on the right, I sit in a holy trinity on the lap of my only grandparent, Ba Ngoai, surrounded by my aunt and Mom. And in the bottom right, suddenly I am big, bear huggin Ba Ngoai.

Mom and I will be visiting Vietnam soon. It will be a sort of homecoming for me as I return for the first time to a place that no longer means War and Mutilation.

Can you tell me what all that fighting was for? Was it just a learning experience? The Viet brand is still alive, while Brother Ho and my father have shuffled off this mortal worm.

Millions of nodes were eliminated but Germany and Japan networks still persist.

Enough rambling expository.

Our networks call us to duty, but let this momentary stillness help us remember our true identity. We try to remember our fathers, mothers, and grandparents because in the near future there won't be memory fragments of Ba Ngoai peeling oranges for us because this ancient way of showing Love might lose its meaning in a calorie rich future.