Reinforcing Forces

My job search engine showed me this post.

Assistant/Associate Molecular Scientist
J.R. Simplot Company - Idaho

I've never heard of J.R. Simplot but I wiki'd out that they are one of the largest agriculture/food processing company in the world.

They are looking for someone to support

"the molecular effort aimed at improving the agronomic performance of potato and, potentially, other crops through biotechnology."

The company and John Richard Simplot were given a chance to make millions during the war.

"The business expanded due to high war profits serving the military dehydrated onions and potatoes during World War II." -- wikipedia

Now they are looking at modifying pototoe crops to probably increase yield or make the food processing step more efficient.

My skill set doesn't aligned, so I can't help them, but I know that the US Academic Industrial Complex is churning out PhDs everyday.

If we are serious about containing GMO's and the possible feedback effects it might have on the ecosystems of Earth, then we have to create.tively more jobs that don't feed into this self-reinforcing stream.

I like to grow things in my urban farm but I'm not going to be hiring too many PhDs to help around the home.

The largest reinforcing forces are always the biggest providers of jobs, and for scientist.s like, they are companies that allow to tinker with my.your biology (drugs), extend my.your biology (medical devices), or modify the food stuff (agric./processing) that sustains my.our biology.

Companies hoping to increase their profits with novel therapeutics, point-of-care devices, or GMOs will be hiring unless create alternate streams for to work, love, play and raise a family in.

What are some alternative job streams?

I don't know. I'm just a single, normall Jo... Jo.

How about a PhD lottery!

If you have the minimum PhD, you can enter your name.

The winner gets a job with a salary that is outsized compared to the actual contribution to the survival of humanity!

In dire times, we are forced to assemble a motley crew (like Dirty Dozen and not like Motley Crew) of scientists, who have to work together to save the planet by first traveling to the Red Planet (haven't seen the movie nor read the book. However, I've read Red Mars) and terraforming it!

I like this idea.