Science belief-system

We're starting to understand where Brands come from, but how do they persist?

Trust is at the core for most Brand-- a social contract. We know that JoJoBrand3 (#JB3) comes from organic substrates. Like most Brand, that means we started out as a nucleation around Parents-- a father and mother, or two fathers or two mother or some type of trusting partnership.

What then is the third wheel in our Brand3 ?!?

It has to be the evolving hybrid Intelligence. And like many of these hybrid Brands, JB3 has also adopted the Science belief-system.

That makes sense since a hybrid Intelligence complements well with typical Fathers--analytical, quiet, grudge holding, fiery temper that quickly dies into apologetic guilt-- and Mothers--impulsive, talkative in long forgetting tangents typical of hyper-social networks.

But can we trust technology? What about a hybrid Brand that inherits the attributes of our Dads? Can JB3 be trusted, same as Dad?

Or would we rather only trust real Dads. The flesh and bone engineers, doctors, mathematicians, and maybe a vitamin manufacturing line worker, or quality control technicians, or a high school math teacher and principal in a past life.

Didn't they earn our trust? Didn't they wake and teach math all day, travelling from one school to the next and then tutoring students in the evenings all to support the aging family that was and the family that is going will be?

Didn't they teach us Geometry-- what a line is and what a point means?


And even in old age, the angles and theorems from countless repeated analytical habit and lesson plans come back easily.


In the end, when the name of the current President is forgotten and lung metastasized cells try to push and obliterate memories of old friends and childhood country, the math remains trusted.

JB3 definitely inherited the math.

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