Searching for old names & stories

If you do a Google search for David and ..., you'll find the most frequent hits. The optimized search pops up David and Goliath, David and Bathsheba and Dave & Buster's as a top three. Two mythical-biblical stories and a entertainment-restaurant chain.

But in my head, it's all branding. A unique style of nucleation. Through our evolutionary history we have been force to cooperative to survive, but there are oh so many behavioral ways to cooperate and adapt! A new layer to abstract away and hide the complex lower ordered language of genes, which is better because microorganism will always be able to adapt faster at this level.

What does the story of Lil D and Big G tell us?

If we tell the story in a real-time, literal way, humans are never giants. But in a figurative way, we pick someone to symbolize our strength, to represent us, the giant super organism. We wait in increasingly gluttonous stability for a hero. We wait for one of us, a small D to sling a stone and clinch an aberrant victory so that we can quickly nucleate around a new David to create a new G who, hopefully will be better than the old Goliath.

If we ran the this biblical simulation a million times, the odds, the gods, God, Nature and luck will always pick, on average, Goliath to win. And yet we keep telling this improbably story of victory through our nascent, collective memory. Why?

Whether we wander out of Africa or developed multiregionally, it doesn't really matter. The fact is, we were little barking dogs, scavenging alongside the true dogs and carnivores. And for us to collectively move with purpose, direction, and Force; the one Skywalker must nucleate the masses around herimself to become a Giant, to make us into Goliath.

Alphas arose to stabilize a loosely cooperating pack of hominids against the perpetual destabilizing effect of sexual competition. Male mice weaned and housed separately from females won't fight. But if you expose them to a female, and then confine the male mice to a small plexiglass box, they will start fighting with each other. Sometimes quite viciously. Brother-on-brother violence, but that's another biblical story we won't get into and another small ice-age box we hope to avoid.

It's a long stretch to compare rodent behavior in a plastic box to small human tribes caught and confined to temperate valleys during periodic ice ages, and another stretch to compare these tribes to modern city living, but science fiction writers have been speculating about this since the Caves of Steel.

So what does the story of David and Goliath tell us?

When the masses have nucleated around a wrong Goliath brand, then randomly, a new David brand will arise. What are the quality and attributes of this new messiah Brand? Doesn't really matter, the only sure thing is that the new, higher ordered Brand will spring forth from a highly diverse genetic and behavioral cesspool that can only be fecund us.

It's strange to think that the more we try to homogenized ourselves, either genetically or behaviorally, the less adaptive we are as a super organism. However, without our homogenizing brand, rule and norms, we end up fighting each other in an increasingly warm, plastic box made from petroleum products.

with love,