Status of Brand

Dropped off Mom at the DMV.

Got Dad out of bed and pushed him around the neighborhood for some fresh air. It's warm today in Simi Valley (actually, all the valleys!)

I woke up last night with severe dizziness! It's an infected ear. I know because I've had the symptoms before. The first time was in my twenties living on Barrington. I had it checked out and the Doc told be to keep the ear dry and eventually it would go away. And it did.

I'll just wait this infection out too. But what if it's something else?! In this information saturated times, we all become a bit hypochrondriatic! We paint worse case scenarios. What if it's a brain tumor?!

I sound like that little kid from Kindergarten Cop. Arnold would reply (see his voice), "it's not a toomer"

It's just an ear infection. Still, all the dings and dents of outrageous fortune start to take their toll. Every bruise from stones of errant sling to stinging just-a-flesh-wound arrows start to wear you down.

I want to be the Ninja again.

I started to slowly work my way back to doing almost 3 sets of twelve pull-ups. A Ninja needs a lot of upper body strength. Then old shoulder injuries start to complain and soon the inflammation starts.

Let's skip upper body and just do 20-30K total distance running each week. No luck. The lower back starts acting up.

If it was only like the Twilight Zone, if you believe you're young then magically you'll become young again.

Let's all play kick the can!

But at best, with genome editing, stem cells, drugs and cyborg technology, we can only kick the can of our mortality down the road a bit.

Summer is coming and summer rituals!