The 4th and Aunt Brand

As our cousin says, another one done. It's over, the fireworks, the celebration, with too much drinking perhaps. We didn't do much did we except get older?

One of these years, I'll have to go see the works of fire in the sky ( Upon the Deep.1992).

I'm in Boston (2017). I was going to walk down to the MIT area and watch with all the other patriots, but I got sucked into here, with you.

The 4th is different for us now. It's bruised with a heart punch. Our beloved Aunt passed away on this day, 3 years ago (2014). And it's like our randomly firing network wanted to consolidate a memory trace. We wanted to learn a ritual where everyone can participate in the remembrance of our Beloved, even if they've forgotten why they are going through the behavior. We're learning on a difference system so that even an H.M. lobectomy won't destroy our memories of Love.

I look through my notes, what I and Google want to keep. The search bar brings a mention of "aunt". The fragments that I've left within my stream talks about taking risk and interlace it with a rememberance of who I am, the people I come from, my tribe.

I'll talk about risk later.

Today, I want us to do her rituals. We were learning, weren't we?

Do we come home and the first thing we do is start dinner like her? It's what I've done without thinking for a long time now. Every evening my muscles remember the movements of my Aunt, your Aunt, who is really your mother and my second Mom.

We miss you in thought but can never forget in movement.