Where does a Brand come from?

Some Brand comes straight from the mind of all-powerful Zeus! She springs forth fully formed, ready to battle!

Most other Brands are born hybrids, demi-gods of a sort. JoJo Brand is like that, a mixed breed. Are we like Hercules? Do we wed the power from the clouds with organic hands to throttle the non-believers and skeptic consumertan bulls? Or are we a modern mutant, blessed with gamma radiation and blinding, green rage! I personally like Theseus. I kinda have a fetish for hydrogen bonding.

Let's chortle heartily where ever our Brand comes from!

I've been touching up a photo of my grandfather that I've never met. He had died before I was born, more than the forty odds years ago when the Viet-brand was aerosolized and dispersed to infect the world. Now there's a Pho polyps in even small German villages. Let's not even talk about France's outbreak.

But let's leave behind the mixed up metaphor, although infections can lead to cancer.

It's a tradition of the Viet Diaspora (and many cultural brands) to remember the Parents, the lineage, the personal history that links us to the Land, the People and culture, habits, and rituals, even those dirty little vestigial appendages that have no place in our postmodern Body.


here's the original picture:


And here it is after my artistic smoothing:


I guess next you'll want to see my artist smoothing of Dad.